Open Sources- 15MAR16


RT: Ukraine Fire Sale

22 of 34 state assets are now being put up for sale at a 60 percent discount, nine with a discount of 50 percent, and three are up for auction at a reduced asking price.

Among the companies offered for sale is a 9.6 percent stake in the Black Sea Shipyard, 37.6 percent in Lviv Coal Company and the Chernigov radio plant.

Now why would they be doing that? Most likely because that was the plan all along. Banana Republicanism 101- install your own guy by hook or crook, soak the population, and when the juice runs dry burn it.

And burn it they likely shall.


Business as usual will continue, but expect resistance to ramp up a bit against the Novorosyia Rebels. This is happening concurrently, and not by accident. The focus needs to be elsewhere.


Russia bolsters support for the rebels and gains new vigor on the ground in Ukraine as the country slowly realizes what’s actually happened. East Ukraine will now grow and with it the percentage of a NATO intervention. If I were Russian, I’d be on edge, because this and this just happened in Chechnya, and all signs are pointing to possible escalations of violence.


“Activists” being bussed into Chechnya- sounds pretty familiar. It happened elsewhere; and was sponsored at least in large part by the internationalist pictured above. It seems like everytime this is the first step.

It’s no accident or coincidence, and the plan very well may be(read: probably is) to play in Putin’s back yard next. That’s a very bad idea for us all.

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  1. mtnforge

    Thought some of this might be of value.
    Pictorial website of Russia in English.
    Lot of interesting information in the comments section.
    Amazing photo essays of bygone Soviet infrastructure. Some Ukraine related posts.

    Pictoral documentary of Ukraine with some comment on state of culture. Lots pics of locally posted agitprop.

    Local bunker/fortification construction in Ukraine

    Past is prologue.

    Interest video clip of locals.

    ‘Hundreds of dealers appeared offering quote: “Door mats with Obama-monkey, USA flag etc”.’

    Russian small unit in sub zero exercise using Riendeer. Didn’t they learn this from the Fin’s?
    Wonder what the reindeer do when they open fire with that belt fed.

    BTR with a 30mm cannon turret?

    Similarities to Depression America

    Ejection seats in an attack chopper?


    Russian Claymores and using comp B to make anti tank ditches.

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