Cognitive Infiltration

A long, but important read,especially if you like to hang out on forums.

As recent posts have demonstrated, there’s great advantage to controlling your own message and being able to quickly identify the patterns used against you.

Take some time to read it all.

7 thoughts on “Cognitive Infiltration

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  2. mtnforge

    There are some valuable insights in this:

    There was a paper written back in 2008 by somebody who probably had inside or first hand experience into agent provocateurs and trolling operations.
    Trying to locate it. Very good essay.

    NC Scout, for years been watching a number of full time trolls working various blogs, they are fairly reliable denigrators and sh*t-stirrers. Obvious as all get out. You kind of recognize their “style” even as they switch avatars and blogs, WRSA has a number of regulars.
    I kind of suspect they pop up on blogs like yours, John Mosby’s, Max’s etc. They don’t get much if any traction obviously. I get the sense they are testing the waters so to speak.
    Others want to get in touch with you and “discuss things”.
    The question is how deep does the rabbit hole go. Are some blogs set up entirely as a honey trap? If FB was designed by two .mil intelligence guys for data mining/social engineering operation, a blog is simple pie.
    I could be a troll.

    Battlefield USA closed down few years back. This was a decent piece:

    There’s this:

    1. That’s a whole lotta rabbit hole to dive down, but in a nutshell you’re right. And yes, there’s definitely blogs and whole forums that are indeed honey pots. I could name off a couple that I know for a fact are suspicious, or at least are less than on the level, but I’ll refrain from doing so.

      Basically, take information for what it’s worth. There’s a number of topics common sense will tell you are off limits, and a bunch of other crap that’s of seriously limited value, such as Op-eds based on nothing and ‘reliable but unnamed source told me’ information that is usually (almost always) garbage.

      FB is a gold mine of stupid anyway, perpetuated by vanity of it’s users.

      From the beginning, my sole aim has been to dole out the best info possible, based upon what I know, what others contribute, and various useful tidbits from open sources. I don’t and won’t ask anything in return.

      Anyway, rant over. Happy Friday.

      1. That’s not a rant, That’s the facts Jack.
        Because: F*#k You That’s Why.
        Because: Left of Bang.
        Because: -/\/\/\/-

        Thanks, same to you.

  3. You are doing a fantastic job of doling out great info. I have enjoyed reading and have to get busy making a Moxon antenna.

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