A Few Notes on the Current ‘Happenings’

Plan9.JPGWild times we’re living in. And a lot of uncertainty coupled with real reasons to prepare. A big part of that is being well informed. There’s good stuff out there and a lot of well meaning people, and then again there’s a lot of throwback fear mongers and blatant disinformation that people should really know better than to pay attention to. Don’t believe most of what you read and only about half of what you see. Pretty good rule, right? One of the reasons I started this blog, all the way back to the beginning, was to point out some simple codified ways for Right-leaning folks to a) collect & verify information and b) share it sans-grid. In fact one of the first things I wrote was how to do so for Sparks31’s old blog [a re-run of that post can be found here] So naturally, as its gained attention over the past couple of years, things come across my desk that inspired the whole reason for me to begin writing in the first place. Case in point:


Objection #1: I thought we were past the ‘UN troops hidden in the cave’ meme but I suppose not. In years past, every summer there’d be rumors of a UN takeover replete with EVIDENCE! of such through pictures of Reserve or National Guard units going to Annual Training events. These were spread by the usual suspects and spread far and wide on a lot of ‘constitutional militia’ outlets, who are far better at damaging their credibility than a government ever could. They’re not driving through the woods to get to the training sites, folks. Part of the reason Eisenhower commissioned the US’ version of the autobahn, the interstate system, is for efficient movement of military equipment. They have unit numbers painted on the front and rear bumpers and every Unit has a web page and social media presence. A little research, after you construct a good SALUTE report, just might go a long way.

So when I see a ‘UN command vehicle’ that looks an awful lot like a US Forest Service mobile communications hotspot truck, in a place prone to wildfires in wildfire season, I get a little salty. It’s far from EMP proof, by the way. The truck is nothing more than a big fancy repeater for fancy public service radios used by Hotshot firefighter teams. A little investigative research would do one well, like I dunno, GETTING A ZOOMED IN SHOT OF THE LOGO ON THE DOOR. When I see UN painted vehicles staged for inspection, with no current-generation turret provisions or other standard MRAP equipment (and I would know) staged outside a publicly known State Department Warehouse, I get a little more salty and I label the person conveying this information a moron. Not even ten seconds into a search, folks. Because we build these trucks to send to sunny places like the whole continent of Africa to protect window-licking NGOs from being the next gore-porn matinee. We fund humanitarian missions in nearly all of the usual suspect basket cases, and these flower children staff tend to get kidnapped while helping the poor starving children of warlords who defecate in their own wells. There’s A LOT of actual MAT-Vs and MRAPs and even Strykers and Bradleys on US soil [GASP!] that could quell a city far faster than what is pictured in white.

Objection #2: AntiFa is a communist insurrectionist movement. [All you self-labeled ‘anarchists’ out there, educate yourselves on the roots of your alleged movement- Bakunin and a quiet place- he and Marx disagreed minorly only in how things were to be managed post-revolution; neither sought to conserve anything you want] They tend to not be so police-friendly; the police are an institution of control, or so they’re conditioned to believe, and serve only to repress the proletariat class from revolution. These are their terms, not mine. Do you really think they’re gonna be using military equipment? Their current incarnation is much more akin to Carlos Marighella’s failed Brazilian street party, and this ‘4 NOV’ threat, if it manifests, would look similar. They’re Henry Rollins-wanna be street thugs with really shitty ink who won’t wander far from the Ivory Tower which breeds and feeds them. Fly over country is a scary proposition and suburbia is easily intimidated. BLM, WWP, etc are a little more credible, being mostly white bougie champagne liberals whipping hood rats who’re just smart enough to be indoctrinated to Marx, but understand they’re all arms of the same losers, and keep in mind they have zero clue what sort of consequences they conjure; they’ve largely never faced more than a few nights in jail much less a third world fingernail factory.

Objection #3: Military Auxillary Radio Service, or MARS, is a group of amateur radio operators that serve to aid the military in times of crisis. Originally it was a final fallback communications plan in case of nuclear war, and utilized to make phone calls from deployed troops via phone patch relays. Since that’s obsolete, they’re back to the ‘last line of commo’ mission. They do interoperability exercises regularly, some monthly, some announced, some not. That it falls on 4 NOV is what it is- a coincidence. Believe it or not not everything in life is a giant conspiracy. Many MARS guys read this blog (they tell me so) and several contribute gems of wisdom from time to time. To suggest any of them, deeply patriotic, many vets themselves and more often that not Republican and Right-leaning, would be willingly allied with any leftist insurrection is absurd and speaks to egregious levels of ignorance or fear mongering. While I jab a lot at the ARRL for their PC-friendly stances, they’d never be a party to such a thing, and the coordination just ain’t there. Sorry to burst that bubble folks. But..but…the .gov scheduled it and they’re doing it and don’t even KNOW!!! Yeah right. Folks spewing that crap talk way more than do. End of story.

Credible Threats and You

We’ve debunked the doom-porn. The Obama years are somewhat over folks, quit paying attention to this kind of crap. There’s a large number of real threats, and since a swath of you have taken a year off, it’s time to get your heads back in the game. Although I think very low of ‘AntiFa’, their allies mentioned above and a few others are more dangerous. ELF/ALF [militant offshoots of Earth First!, themselves leftist eco-terrorists inspired by Edward Abbey] wage war through sabotage, and I seek to remind you reader, many of these go unnoticed or uninvestigated as anything other than accidents. If you think they’re not active, you’re dead wrong, and keep in mind they can attack the real institutions of capitalism rather easily, and for them, coal power plants are an even more lucrative target now than before after 8 years of Democrat demonization and climate change religious indoctrination. The Soviets actually preferred green party groups [according to Viktor Suvrov] as they could recruit, indoctrinate and operate rather easily. So much so that they derogatorily called them ‘watermelons’; green on the outside and red within.

512px-North_Korean_missile_range.svgNorth Korea’s rapid and aided advancement in missile technology is a very real threat. The KN-08 has the ability to target most of the continental US as it is a three stage solid fuel rocket. How do we know this? Because the engines were built in Ukraine. Er…I mean, ‘copied’ from Russian designed rocket engines built in Ukraine that DPRK just magically found the blueprints, manufacturing sophistication, and advanced chemistry to produce fuel for in a timespan of less than a year. One ponders if the Clintons had any undisclosed speaking stops in Pyongyang. So will rocket man do it? I’m not willing to say he won’t. But based on the map which is reflective of our own analysis, I would say the threat is indeed both clear and present.

The current legal coup going on in Washington is a very real threat and should be at the top of everyone’s list. They are leaving no stone unturned, real or imagined, and have been caught red-handed falsifying information from a foreign proxy (yes, Brits are indeed foreigners), in an effort to nullify the election. The Republican mainstays appear to be just as culpable in running protection for the egregious lawlessness of the previous administration as their own coastal party of identity politics. The levels of corruption would be banana republic-style hilarity, were they not sad. There appears to be limited if no rule of law whatsoever at the top for those insulated few. C. Wright Mills was correct in one respect- there is indeed a Powered Elite. And when the veil is pulled from the man behind the curtain, normally something bad happens to the pullers. No free trip back to Kansas, Dorothy.

So where then does that leave us? If you’re not prepared to take care of your own, do anything in your power to become so. It is not too late. Static Infantrymen always improve their positions. No matter how good you think you are, you’re not good enough. Stock more food. Stock more ammo. Get square with your neighbors. Work on your relationships- with your significant others and the Lord. Seek training- you’ll need it. If you’ve been on the fence about that one class or you’re fuzzy on a topic, there’s no time like the present. And believe me, it’s more real than it’s possibly ever been. Lose the silly notions and for your own sake, don’t believe the doom-porn…he time for that as an entertainment medium has passed. There’s too many more important (and real) things to be concerned with.

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  2. The UN is gonna take over and send us all to FEMA camps or it’s the military gonna take over cuz we saw humvees on railroad cars outside Cleveland.
    Someone posted similar nonsense a couple summers ago.
    The humvees or rr cars pic was taken less than 10 minutes from my house. That line leads directly to a large training base- now called Camp Ravenna Joint Military Training Center.
    There is also a small NG base about 10 min from my house, at the time pics and nonsense were posted I drove by and lot was full of cars and all the military vehicles were gone.
    Maybe because they were all doing their summer training huh?
    Easy enough for me to verify at the time, as son in law was about to head to same place for his summer training.
    But I was the crazy one for pointing out the absurdity of the nonsense that gets posted every summer.
    I’m sure we’ll see it again this summer.
    Many will believe the idiocy that gets shared across the interwebz, and as usual, nothing will convince them that the nonsense is just that- nonsense.

    1. I got called a “terrible, terrible statist asshole” once for pointing out to a certain libertarian group, headed by a histrionic woman, that a local reservist unit doing training in a town adjacent to their reserve center with local rollplayers WAS NOT planning for the ‘guberment takeover’.

      They’re a Civil Affairs Unit. Dealing with people is part of what they do. They have to get practice somewhere. It seems in the age of mass information, the problem lay with the people themselves. They’re their own worst enemy.

      1. I’ve been called that and worse for pointing out actual facts about the insanity some people post. One guy said I can’t be trusted because I used the CDC and USDA websites to show proper disinfecting procedures to prevent fooborne illnesses.
        Same with pointing out the Camp Ravenna and Twinsburg Ohio reserve base as the destinations for all those scary hummers on rail cars.
        There is an extreme lack of common sense, logic, and critical thinking ability among the “liberty movement”.

    2. LodeRunner

      Civilians have a profound lack of comprehension where logistics is concerned. I guess it’s the result of 60 years of dumbed-down math education. When you try to explain certain things to them, their mind just blanks out.

      For example – when you try to explain to them that imposing martial law in one city would require 10K to 15K troops on Day 1, and that to do so in the largest 20 cities in the US would require 200K to 300K soldiers on Day 1, and from that basic requirement comes the need for 600K to 1M meals per day, 250K~1M gallons of fuel per day, etc., etc., etc.
      Additional troop build-up will be required in every ‘contested area’, as well as the prompt deployment of all the noncombatant roles for a sustained military presence – those 4~5 support soldiers needed to keep each infantry man fighting effectively beyond the 10~14 day window.

      AND even assuming that the UN could mount, on short notice, this operation which is nearly the size and scope of D-Day, there’s still the question of the next largest 180 cities in CONUS, and the entire rest of the country left to be addressed. That would put the number at 3 to 5 million troops and their equipment, as a bare minimum figure, on Day 1, and 20 to 30 million deployed by Day 30, JUST TO START THE PARTY properly.

      Now figure in movement delays, casualties, equipment losses, and other ‘combat factors’, and you just begin to describe the ongoing logistical problems which must be prepared for – again, ON DAY 1.

      Or, in short, it’s logistically impossible. But as I said, their brains just shut off when you try to explain that any UN deployment into the US for the purpose of establishing nationwide martial law would be 20 times the size of the D-Day operation – that there aren’t enough troops, equipment, and supplies available in the entire world to pull such a thing off.

      But I’m wrong “because China”, they’ll say. “China has a 10 million man army ready to go”. Yes, but how could they be deployed here, and how long would it take? How exactly would China deploy enough force here, fast enough, to accomplish the mission? And what about the supply lines across the Pacific required to sustain such a force? The US built up troop strengths in Britain for nearly 2 years before D-Day, and just sustaining those American troops required dozens of supply ships to sail from US ports every day to feed them, because Britain absolutely could not do it. We could actually have sent a lot more troops for the D-Day invasion…if we could have fed them. But we couldn’t. China would face even greater logistical challenges, because the ports for all those supplies would not be safe from sabotage, nor their supply convoys safe from ambush and pirating – another logistical consideration of major import.

      But again, peoples minds go blank.

      Civilians just can’t conceive of the logistic requirements of military operations at the necessary scale. I guess they think that millions of foreign troops will just sleep at Motel-6, get all their supplies from WalMart, and everything will run smoothly.

      File it under, “When I was a child I thought as a child…”

      I’m far more concerned about a super-plague taking over our country than I am the UN – the plague needs no logistics of its own; rather, the logistics burden of a plague is thrust upon the population to defend themselves from it. And certainly, the CDC and the US hospital infrastructure isn’t prepared to deal with such an event. Nor are even the majority of ‘patriots’ and preppers anywhere near ready to stand-to in the face of a long-running pandemic with even a moderate mortality rate.

  3. Interesting article NCscout and like gamegetterII, I have reblogged it to my site.

    What hit me was that since Mr. Trump has taken residence in the White House, so many of my prepping brethren have taken a sabbatical from the 3-B’s and in some instances keeping informed. In essence, they have become complacent.

    Many of your comments NCscout reflect my own. Domestic threats fall more in line with the Elites in DC, on both sides of the aisle, working their quiet coup.

    The external threat that worries me the most is North Korea. I guess some other folks with stars on their shoulders have similarly fears since there are 3 carrier groups in the area. This may be due to NK, Trump visiting the area, or a combination of both.

    looking at China, I think they have a lot more to do with Rocket Man then we give them credit for. Taiwan always comes up to mind. The XYL and I visited Vietnam back in 2005. The Vietnamese have a well deserved fear of China. While there, many men there suggested that the United States needed to be wary of them – Politically and economically.

    Anyhow, thanks for taking the time to write your thoughts down and share.


      1. If the tunnel collapse is true, and yes other news sources are now reporting this, the NK’s learn a lot with every step back. Didn’t Lenin say once, “One step backwards equals two steps forward.”

        Oh here is one where NK is now conducting evacuation exercises…http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5027779/N-Korea-conducts-evacuation-drills-prepare-war.html …I truly wonder why we do not hear more about NK in the news. I wonder if it was like this during the days leading up to Dec. 7, 1941?

      2. The evacuation exercises are actually several days old now. The tunnel collapse is new. 200 were killed, and among those I’d venture to guess are the weapons development team. So it’s more like 100 steps back, losing all those Sino-Soviet allied…I mean ‘North Korean’ engineers.

        While its possible he will attack, this may also may be a precursor to domestic insurrection or [more likely] a Chinese-backed military coup. He will now been seen as a great failure to his people. Coup happens, peace talks resume, China gets a stable puppet, everyone looks like a winner.

      3. S6cnrdude

        I wondered the same thing about his tech guys getting buried when I read that today. It seems like the “tame us with fire” threats have stopped over the last few days. I wonder if he did lose key people if it is a big setback to his program or if it locked and loaded?

  4. Your conclusion is spot on.

    A couple of suggestions for the good folks, do not believe everything that you hear or read…..check it out, check it out, check it out.

    And pray that God will give you a good dose of discernment. We really need that desperately.


  5. Doc

    Thanks for calling out the doom porner’s, Scout. Enough already!

    I’m no emp expert, but I think the concept of wiping out an entire continents electrical grid is pretty stupid. Yeah, it’ll be really good at killing millions of people, but has anyone considered what ultimately happens to all of those nuclear reactors that need a working grid to keep from melting down.

    How many do we have? I don’t know, but let’s say there is thirty of them. The grid goes down, no doubt the facilities can run on there back up plan, but not forever. One Fukushima is bad enough, now we’ve got thirty. I’m thinking that’s probably going to have some serious world wide consequences. Hardly worth the trouble.

    One mans opinion.

    However, localized emp… just think of all the possibilities…


    PS- Unless we actually do get emp’d, I’m going for the Technician exam on the 11th and actually hope to walk out with a General. We’ll see. Anyway, thank you Scout for the nudge to stop being lazy and start learning.

    1. ON the Reactor note- this is well outside my lane but as I understand it, ours are engineered to drown the core in the event of failure. Basically, our reactors are designed not to work anywhere close to maximum capacity, while older Soviet reactors were the opposite (for efficiency’s sake). Fukishima was a case of the actual housing itself becoming cracked, meaning it didn’t matter how it was designed since the earth under it opened up.

      As per EMP…there’s really way too many variables to get into in a comment. But to suggest that one blast would render anything and everything back to the stone age is just not 100% plausible. Several blasts, sure, possibly, but likely, no. The phone network and internet servers would indeed be taken out, but this has much more to do with their interdependability rather than any other reason. The devices themselves may very well work just fine.

      Good luck on the test- you’ll do just fine.

    2. Secret Squirrel

      Doc, to help clear up the whole reactor thing, there are multiple actions that can or will happen in the event of reactor emergencies for nuclear plants in the US. The first and most likely thing to happen starts with the RPS, or Reactor Protection System, which is basically immediate drop of control rods into containment to cease the reaction of the nuclear process. This is a electrically/computer controlled system, but there are hardened generator and battery backup power systems to provide the power for the RPS even in the event of a EMP. If that doesn’t work them NCScout is correct, both containment and heat exchangers are flooded with coolant or raw water or a mixture of both. Also, our reactors here in the US have 3 stage systems to contain reactor leakage if need be, with the reactors “floating” in innermost containment for possible earthquake problems. Fukishima did come down to poor construction and crappy welds Basically, for us to have a catastrophic meltdown it would take a direct hit of a warhead or something to the reactor to breach containment and circumvent safety systems. EMP will have minimal effect on nuke power. My dad worked as a containment electrician in several plants all over the south and had to be briefed on safety/emergency protocols and actions in the event of an emergency.

      As far as effect of EMP on everything else, I tend to agree with NCScout. Most likely not 100% stone age but it’s a roll of the dice just because of variables.

  6. LodeRunner

    NoKo is a real threat. We don’t know how many bombs they’ve built, or how many missiles they have at this point. The reality is, for an EMP attack on CONUS, 2 to 4 would incapacitate most of the US in terms of telecom and grid power, depending on the yield of the devices – However, this is *NOT* the ‘stone age scenario’ most people imagine. Most of the long-range power distribution grid (specifically the huge ~500KV transformers) would be knocked out, this is true, so many areas which don’t generate power locally would be in the dark. But those areas are few, outside the Northeast Corridor (Washington DC to Boston).

    More common are areas where they generate some power locally, and draw additional from the grid. It’s not that long ago that many areas had purely local-grid power, with a generating station serving a county or district that ran on coal, natural gas, or even diesel/#3 fuel. Many such areas have tied to the distribution grid for their primary power these days, but they still have that local generation capacity which could be brought on line (in a matter of hours or days). Since there is a good probability of a local grid surviving, there would be local power in such a case. So in those areas a form of power rationing would need to be imposed so that the local generation capacity doesn’t get overloaded.

    Telecom/Internet is almost the reverse case of the power grid – most long-haul telco is on fiber these days, and so the cables themselves are immune to EMP. What’s not immune are the local POPs where the copper/coax connects to the Fiber backbone – all that wire makes an excellent antenna to absorb the EMP’s energy, so many local telco/cable/internet switches would get smoked… but this is not so with the big datacenters – they’re shielded (metal roofs, steel-reinforced concrete walls, etc), their utility service is filtered to the hilt to prevent surges and brown-outs from impacting the servers, and they are directly connected to the fiber, so assuming their generators kick in, they might well stay on-line for as long as their fuel holds up.

    As for damage to your home appliances – it’ll depend on how well you protect them from surges (if they’re plugged in).

    Cars/Trucks would still be operable in most areas, as would isolated systems which don’t have large spans of wiring to absorb energy from the pulse.

    Understand that *everything* will be spotty for quite a while after an EMP attack, but no one is going to “put us back into the stone age” with an EMP attack alone. The reality of such a situation will be difficult but manageable – there is no place for hysteria or exaggeration with regards to such a legitimate threat.

    If you want to read further on the risks to the power grid, here’s a good place to start –

  7. Pffttttt…. you and your logical rational thinking, get out of here with that.

    You already know where I stand on things. 😉 Too many folks putting too much focus on perceived threats that are in all reality probably way down the threat list, and not enough focus on things that are much more obvious/real/likely threats.

    1. Lode

      “You rarely have to leave your own yard to find trouble.”
      And that is where you should start fixing it, too.

  8. PRCD

    North Korea is a real but very unlikely threat given that we have naval forces in the Western Pacific and army/navy in South Korea. We would retaliate immediately against any nuclear strike with conventional forces. Also, they would have to build many, many rockets with MIRVs to do a lot of damage to the secondary or tertiary targets you guys live near. This requires a lot of money. At worst, they might hit a large US city full of people who hate us anyway. Even in that case, they need MIRVs to completely destroy that city. While any loss of life is tragic, it’s no different than the loss of life in any foreign country. Worry about what’s local to you rather than tragedy everywhere.

  9. PRCD

    I think the chances of a North Korean attack are remote. The stand-off between us and them is a matter of two men (Trump and Little Rocket Man) with egos saving face and trying to get concessions from one-another. The Norks do not have rockets with MIRVs which are required to do real damage. Single-warhead rockets do not do the damage of MIRVs and scaling up a rocket program to do real damage costs a fortune. They could attack a major city full of Democrats with a few rockets but our retaliation would be enormous and they know it. We have troops in South Korea and a navy. I consider the chances of an EMP attack to be the same.

    All bets are off with a nuclear attack which is why they haven’t been used since 1945. Even the Pakis haven’t used theirs against India.

    The chances of a Deep State coup or a disease outbreak are a lot higher. The last cycles of globalization in 1177 BC and that of the high Middle Ages ended in famine, plague, natural disaster, and war. The 4 horsemen all ride in succession.
    I think war will be non-trinitarian/4th generation in the future, not war between nation-states.

    1. We actually don’t know whether they have MIRV capability or not, so far as I have seen. If the KN-08 is indeed handed off technology, then the re-entry vehicle may be equally as advanced.

      What is known is that internally KJU is facing another winter of shortage and growing domestic unrest. Xi Jinpeng has been re-elected, and the last thing that he wants is a humanitarian crisis from famine on his border. So from a pragmatic perspective, regime change backed by the PLA seems to be the most likely scenario, with all parties, including the US, looking like winners. And therein lay the problem as well- KJU is backed against a wall, and he’s lost the majority of his nuclear program in the ‘cave-in’.

      As for the Pakistanis not using their weapons, that’s more a matter of US and Chinese foreign policy playing both sides of their politics than anything else.

      Domestically, we’ll see tomorrow what comes of the ‘threats’. UNC Chapel Hill had some interesting events yesterday.

  10. LodeRunner

    I’m thinking of making a special batch of [insanely] hot sauce and labeling it “4-NOV”. Aside from its obvious use as a food flavoring, it could have numerous tactical uses if this really is the kickoff of large scale domestic festivities.

      1. LodeRunner

        Then I’ve gotta have you and NC Scout up to my place for a shindig… maybe Thanksgiving weekend?

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