144:1- Patches Back in Stock!


If you missed out on the first run, my friends over at 144:1 have the second run of Resistor V3 patches back in stock in both OD and Tan…so get ’em now before they sell out again. It’s the perfect patch to show the world where you stand on AntiFa, ISIS, and the rest of the threats to Liberty. They’ve got a lot of other really cool designs as well- including the Cherokee Confederacy ‘Liberty or Death’ Battle Flag and the upcoming Green Mountain Boys Flag for y’all northerners. Support those who support you- Get it today!


7 thoughts on “144:1- Patches Back in Stock!

      1. Put a new order in yesterday for some of the stickers. Waiting now for the Green Mtn patches !
        Love the “resistors” both old and new. Ordered about three times now,keep handin’ them out to like minded associates.
        Just can’t help spreading the word !!
        Bill in the Desert

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