Additions to the Library

Putting up a couple of new references to the Library page- if you haven’t checked it out, feel free to do so. It’s full of .pdf manuals I’ve found useful both in the Army and beyond, along with a few kind submissions from like minded folks. Big hat tip to Sig.

New additions:

SF Radio Training STP 31-18E4

US Special Forces Antenna Manual

ITU Handbook on Emergency Telecom

National Interoperability Field Guide

FCC January_2016_Spectrum_Wall_Chart

Use and abuse at will. Remember, the only thing that beats hard copies is working knowledge. You only get working knowledge through training from those who’ve done this in the real world.


5 thoughts on “Additions to the Library

  1. This is Meat and Potatoes kind of stuff. Great resources. Thanks for making them available in one place. Was just thinking this morning that a great article for a future topic might be making a sloper terminated with those dead AA batteries as resistors you have mentioned previously. I believe you mentioned the idea in comments after posting from the SF Antenna Handbook, IIRC. I for one am pretty interested in field portable directive HF antennas- for which HF beams and Moxons are usually not going to be contenders. I know Inverted Vees can be used as such, but options are always great, and anything we can throw together with a little math and parts we have at home are worth putting in the tool box for rainy days. Might be worth considering! Oh, and Field Day is coming up. This is a good time for fellas to get outside the shack and operate in simulated field conditions. Major difference on Field Day is the ease of making contacts. Everyone seems to be on, near and far, on all bands. And those not participating in Field Day seem to cluster on the non-Contest friendly bands (such as 17m). Last year I even got a contact on 6m FM!

  2. Brad in TX

    Great info. Everyone who has a serious Plan B should save these to a hard drive and/or print copies. Thanks for these pdfs and thanks for sharing your expertise, both very much appreciated by guerilla operators-in-training. 🙂

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