Montana RTO Course Minor Update

The fairgrounds upgraded us to the Art Building, which is the same classroom the course was held in last fall. Everything else remains the same. I’ll be on site Friday evening at 1800 so swing by if you can, otherwise I’ll see you at 0900 on Saturday. Walk-Ins are still welcome for $350 and the class is packed, so come on out for a great weekend.

One thought on “Montana RTO Course Minor Update

  1. *OUTSTANDING* I just finished an intense, but comfortable weekend of RTO Basic with NC Scout. Around 18 of us came away with more than we hoped. Rave reviews all around the room.

    The most relevant pre-class instruction is: “All you need to bring to class is a notebook and writing tool.”. I add to that, buying your gear AFTER CLASS will be a lot better than before. I now own some radios that are nice, but not what I would buy were I starting over.

    It is not, however, a radio gear class a much as How do you use comms and organize group activities over an area beyond person-to-person talking distance.

    I will spend the next month digesting and preparing myself to utilize what NC Scout packed into my last two days.


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