Privacy, Security & Anonymity Course: 24-25 August

Taught by Kilo, a friend and current member of the SOF community, this is a course normally only offered to Special Operations Personnel. But the information needs to be out there for those willing to take advantage of it.

His description:

Noah built the ark before the flood. This course will instruct the student on how to proactively prepare for the day when they may be unexpectedly or unavoidably exposed and their persona or that of their family exploited with nefarious intent by malign actors. Digital force-protection, identity management, and the minimization of online signatures will be thoroughly covered in multiple tiered levels. Awareness regarding the tracking and fingerprinting of digital devices will be explained and countermeasures to mitigate their effectiveness will be learned.
In this course, a few of the topics students will learn are to:
• Understand the difference between security, privacy, and anonymity
• Protect yourself and your family from identity thieves, cyber-criminals, hackers, and terrorists
• Utilize threat modeling to identify attack surfaces and mitigate vulnerabilities
• Compartmentalize activities to reduce the risk of total exploitation in both the digital and physical environments
• Utilize countermeasures to mitigate the exploitation of your personal metadata
• Shield your homes, vehicles, and other assets from public exposure
• Mitigate cell phone surveillance and online tracking
• Configure your home hardware firewall with a VPN kill-switch to completely protect your data transmissions
• Secure both data at rest and data in motion from exploitation
• Apply misinformation and disinformation techniques to mask your true identity from the public
• Make low-profile financial transactions both online and in person without risking exposure of personal details
• Ensure personally identifying information is not disclosed during public data breaches
• Remove personal information from the multitude of publicly available online sources
• Change your future habits to support your personal privacy and anonymity and that of your family

-and many other topics.

This course will be taught in a group discussion format where there will be an open dialogue between the instructor and students in order to ensure a deeper understanding of the topics discussed that a lecture style of instruction does not allow for. Students will have ongoing personal access to the instructor after the course concludes for follow on questions and updates to the curriculum as technology changes.
Students are encouraged to bring:
Note taking material, Laptop (with extension cords), Regular digital camera (not cellphone), at least two 4GB thumb drives.

It’ll be held at the NC training site. Course cost: $200. Email me at [email protected] for details.

3 thoughts on “Privacy, Security & Anonymity Course: 24-25 August

  1. Very cool, if I lived out your way I would definitely by there, I suspect I know a good bit of it, but a different perspective always brings out nuggets. This would be a good candidate for an online course if you ever do anymore. 🙂

  2. TN Flash

    I want to be there. This will be a great and much needed class. Thank you NC Scout for hosting it!

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