There Are NO Changes To The Training Schedule

ALCON: there are no, I say again, NO changes to the training schedule. If a course is scheduled to happen, IT WILL HAPPEN, period.

Further, if you’ve reserved a spot in a course and no show, that’s on you. You took a spot from someone else that was turned away. This is not the end of the world, but it is a disruption and a wake up call, and I’m being bombarded with emails of people wanting training. If you end up missing a course then it is what it is.


Show up ready to train.

5 thoughts on “There Are NO Changes To The Training Schedule

  1. Phillip Cote


    Just read your email and I’m sorry to inform that I can’t make the scout training next week. Given the situation, having a 5 month old and being 5-6 hours from home if something were to happen in PA. I won’t be able to make it down. Sorry to let you down and I’m sure you will be able to fill my slot. Again sorry.

    Sincerely, Phil Cote

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