Heritage Life Skills is Cancelled-

This year’s Heritage Life Skills is cancelled. It sucks because I really enjoy being up there and meeting y’all. But, with that said, waste no opportunity. Everyday we’re not at war we sharpen our hatchets- so I’m running another Spring iteration of the Scout Course.

That’s 3 days living in the woods, off-grid. Day one is my Squad Designated Marksman’s Course, taking your capabilities as a rifleman to the next level. Day two focuses on individual and team movements. You’ll learn to stalk and evade, ambush and raid. And on Day three you’ll culminate all of your skills in a patrol that you plan and execute.

Check out what you’ll be doing in some of the pics here, here and here.

Three days, 8-10 May, $400, and learning to fight in your environment. Contact me at [email protected] for more details.

3 thoughts on “Heritage Life Skills is Cancelled-

  1. What skills and topics can we study and brush up on so as to be better prepared for this class? You always get more out of a class when you brush up ahead of time.


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