New Courses on the Calendar: Intelligence Collection and Tradecraft, Fighting Carbine, and more

I’ve got a couple of new course up on the calendar, both being taught at Ready Made Resources. Intelligence Collection and Tradecraft, 16-17 JUL was previously only a course I taught by request and did not make available to the public, but I’m doing so at the request of Bob Griswold.

The course will be covering basic situational awareness and observation skills, photography, steganography, passing messages clandestinely, physical encryption, setting up a tablet for clandestine communications, wardriving and surveillance – both conducting it and detection. I put it together specifically for people living or operating in suburban or urban environments.

The suggested equipment is a digital camera, laptop, a wifi only android based tablet, and a small backpack, along with a notebook and pen. Course cost is $500.

I’ve also got a Fighting Carbine date up at RMR the preceding weekend, 14-15 JUL on the private range. There’s only one more Fighting Carbine date this year on the east coast, so you’re going to want to get in on it before what’s looking like a shaky rest of 2022 and 2023,.

Contact me directly at [email protected] for registration information.