FL Scout Course – Important Note

For everyone registered in the Florida Scout Course hosted by Chris Weatherman, there will be NO LIVE FIRE. I say again, NO LIVE FIRE on Day one. The course will be 3 days of extensive small unit tactics utilizing blanks (that I’m supplying).

The reason for this – the site owner built sections of the range for class but cannot complete it due to an extreme family emergency. That’s taking priority for him and it needs to – it happened to me in June. I spoke with Chris for a while last night and the best solution is three days of SUT versus the normal two. That’s going to give the class a much more in depth experience and I’m personally looking forward to it.

If anyone who’s currently registered for the course wants to back out due to this change or shift their registration to the Feb course, simply shoot me an email, no questions asked. I’ve still got a few open spots left as well for any last minute additions.

The course is going to be an absolute blast.

3 thoughts on “FL Scout Course – Important Note

  1. vyt1az

    For those that might consider backing out, I say don’t. I missed the precision shooting portion of the Scout course and did all of the SUT work due to a scheduling mistake and it was absolutely awesome. I went to the follow-on Recce course which was more SUT work (that you’ll be getting in this course) and it too was awesome.

    The knowledge that I can set up a hasty L-shaped ambush day or night against an AntiFa patrol coming into my hood AND teach it to others has given me quite a bit of mental peace.

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