New Course Dates Up On The Calendar!

The much anticipated training calendar for first half of 2023 is up. By incredibly popular request, the Recce Course, which is the follow on course to Scout, will be held in Feb immediately following the Scout Course. The RTO Course series has three dates up as well – one here in NC in January, one in MO, and one in WY in June.

Von Steuben (Mike from AP) has two course dates up – Support Weapons this Nov and the Partisan Jager, a five day leadership and fieldcraft course, coming up in may.

Last, Madman Actual was coerced into teaching a follow on to the Signals Intelligence course, Tactical Signals Exploitation. Where we cover the basics in the SIGINT course, you’ll be learning the next level from the guy who’s job was not just analysis but directing the exploitation end of operations.

To registration details, shoot me an email: [email protected].

Training is rocking and rolling through the end of this year and into 2023 – and yes, the book is coming along nicely as well, because I know a few of you are wondering. Its going to be worth the wait 😉

3 thoughts on “New Course Dates Up On The Calendar!

  1. AnonScout

    Would you mind indicating East, Middle, or West TN for those courses?

    The difference between Memphis and Bristol is 8+ hours of driving.


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