216. The Uses and Vulnerabilities of DMR Radio


Episode 216. I dive into the uses of DMR, how they’re frequently set up, and how that system is exploited. There’s a smarter way to stand up communications systems in an unconventional warfare environment.

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5 thoughts on “216. The Uses and Vulnerabilities of DMR Radio

  1. Busy Listener

    Would you kindly consider putting in the shownotes the timecode of when you start discussing the actual topic of the podcast? You don’t even BEGIN the topic of DMR until 24 minutes 9 seconds in this episode! Please, at least, mention in the shownotes that there are several minutes of chit-chat so I know to start by skipping ahead and searching for the content.

  2. Busy Listener

    Wow, NOW you are direct and to the point! I bought your Baofeng book and was a Podbean patron but will be no longer. Best of luck.

  3. Michael

    Hey N.C.Scout,
    While looking to buy your book here in Australia, I noticed two listings.
    I thought that one was the normal & the other WAS with the spiral bound.
    But looking closer, the author was named “sebastian sanderson”, not on the book but on the Amazon listing. It has your front cover but WITH EMPTY PAGES.
    Here is the link:

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