217. When the Censors Have Won?


Episode 216. Radio Contra is back at the top of the rankings! I break down how we overcame the censors and we’re now back with a vengeance. Telling the truth in the world is a revolutionary act. I also break down the developments in Atlanta, the Ukrainian volunteer who defected to Russia, and how this is paining a bigger, darker picture in the future of the US.

The Guerilla’s Guide to the Baofeng Radio is a #1 Bestseller! 

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One thought on “217. When the Censors Have Won?

  1. John

    The success of your 1st book is a sign that your audience is much larger than anyone except you knew, but not to that extent that sales still continue. Your podcasts, Lessons Farm, the educational classes you provide everyday America’s who want ability to communicate when cellphones don’t, to protect their families, their neighborhoods, NC Scout: we’re awaiting your next books, time is short.

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