Brushbeater Store: 15% Off All Orders With Special Promo Code!

The first month of the webstore was SO much bigger than I thought it’d be. People had told me in class that it’d be big, but I always take that stuff with a grain of salt. Praise in public, talk trash in private…you know. We all know. But the brass tacks is that the store did in its first month what some online businesses do in a year, and that’s 100% THIS COMMUNITY.

There’s a reason every class has that family atmosphere. There’s a reason that when guys talk on the forum, no matter what class they’ve been to, or even if they haven’t, yet, there’s an implicit code of respect. Its a damn good thing to see. But its the community that’s creating itself.

So, I’m rewarding this community every way I can. Take 15% off each order with promo code GOON at check out. As always, free shipping on all orders over $100. My job is to put the best in your hands, whatever that is, bar none. And I’m going to do it. Don’t stay silent and don’t back down.

6 thoughts on “Brushbeater Store: 15% Off All Orders With Special Promo Code!

  1. Vaughn Ball

    NC, I am trying to order direct from your store. I am probably just blind but trying to order some swag from ya to help support. let me know thank you

  2. The Old Freedom Fighter

    My order came yesterday. Two days ahead of schedule! Great material & read through most of the Guerilla Dispatch, Volume 1. Damn good material. Some questions. What are the brand names of the radios in the sigint section? Also, when is Guerilla Dispatch, Volume 2 going to be available here at the store? The t-shirt is great & fits well. Any possibility of having one made in OD, camo, khaki & brown? And last, is there going to be a volume 2 for the Baofeng Radio manual?

    1. I’ve got shirts coming in a few other colors as well. 😉 Guerrilla Dispatch Vol 2 will be in stock, Lord willing, on 11 APR. I’m not doing a second volume of the Baofeng book, because everything was covered in that manual.

      I am however working on a Signals Intelligence handbook and following that, a comprehensive volume on communications from HF-UHF.

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